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Modular and scalable, our service platform brings together all the services dedicated to the optimization of vehicle fleets and employee mobility.

The four pillars of the platform

 SaaS platform and mobile driver/manager application

For each vehicle, each driver, we activate the appropriate services and options to build a customized financial and environmental optimization plan.

Our connected services

Fleet management Financial management and
vehicle technology
Conduct analysis Analysis and improvement of driving behaviors
Geolocation Monitoring and optimization of
vehicle movements
Protection Vehicles, goods,
goods, fuel, ...
Carsharing Fleet sharing
of vehicles, global or in pool
Uses and taxation Privacy management
and fiscal and social impacts
Carpooling Pooling of routes
home to work
Mission management Management and piloting of
field activity

Temperature MonitoringReport CenterMobile manager/driver application
Fuel protectionAlert CenterAPI
Connected cameraDashboardsWeb services

Share vehicles to reduce the size, cost and carbon footprint of your fleet automotive

  • 10 to 30% fewer vehicles*.
  • Optimizing vehicle use
  • Reduction in mileage allowance from 15 to 20%**.
  • Reducing parking spaces
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Optimizing travel comfort for employees

Source: ADEME * ADEME - DAF Magazine

RFID / Bluetooth / Connected key cabinet

Opt today for tomorrow's professional mobility!

With company car-sharing, even the benefits are shared.


  • Reduce the size of your fleet
  • Reduce your fleet costs
  • Reducing parking spaces
  • Optimizing your site's accessibility
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Optimizing your employer brand


  • A practical, comfortable mobility solution
  • Intuitive travel management tools


  • Reducing air pollution
  • Reducing automotive waste
  • Encouraging the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles

Optimum Mobility

The employee mobility management platform

Trip Keeper is a global solution that allows you to manage business payments, fuel expenses, the Sustainable Mobility Package and the Mobility Credit. The solution consists ofa piloting platform, d'a mobile application dedicated to users andan international payment card.

The mobile application for your employees

Dedicated to employees, the mobile application allows them to consult the types of authorized expenses and their ceilingsof pay directly with their smartphoneof search/book their transportation (train, cab, bicycle...).

All the receipts are photographed and centralized in real time on the management platform...
No more end-of-month expense reports!

the universal payment card

Each employee has a payment card international allowing them to finance their travel. No more expense reports and paper receipts! All paid travel expenses are centralized on the Trip Keeper platform.

  • Personalized physical and dematerialized card
  • Customizable (family and supplier selections, multi-criteria ceiling management)
  • Secure (strong authentication, immediate deactivation in case of theft or loss...)

the steering and reporting platform

The control platform allows you to set parameters, manage, track and analyze all employee business expenses.

You define the categories of authorized expenses, the limits for each category, the monthly spending limit...
no more bad surprises!

In addition, you have at your disposal detailed dashboards : global and per employee expenses, individual and collective carbon footprint...

Optimum Data Mining

Data mining platform and advice

The Optimum Data Mining platform offers various modules based on the collection, processing and analysis of sensitive data with regard to one or more issues.

Example: Study " Fleet electrification " 

Which vehicles are "electrifiable"? Which electric vehicle models should be selected? What types of charging stations should be chosen and where should they be located?

The answer to all these questions lies in the rigorous analysis of vehicle usage. To do this, we connect your vehicles to study, over a period of 2 to 3 months, the different types of journeys made: duration, distance, stopping times, parking places...
The rigorous analysis of these parameters allows us to deliver you a real " roadmap ready to follow "to electrify your fleet with peace of mind.

Our other analysis modules
and data processing :

Optimization of fleet usage

Reduction of the size of the fleet, optimization of the automobile policy...

TCO optimization

Driver behaviour, policy and vehicle use

Introduction and adoption
new mobilities

Car-sharing, car-pooling, green mobility, ...