for the players of the automotive ecosystem

More than a simple change, the global automotive market is now facing a real revolution with multiple challenges.

To meet these new challenges, the various players in the automotive ecosystem (rental companies, leasers, fleeters, insurers, etc.) are looking for tools and data to fuel their business, either by enriching current services or by creating new high value-added services.

To accompany these actors, Optimum Corporation offers 2 types of approaches.

The approach swhite label services 

In this case, Optimum Corporation transfers all or part of its know-how to its partner, who will then be able to offer its own customers a web services platform and a smartphone application in its own brand colors.

Examples of references 

The approach raw data

The other approach is to consider the intrinsic value of each type of data for commercial exploitation.

Each actor will be able to select, through APIs, one or more data relevant to its activity, depending on its needs and business model, for analysis and exploitation.

Examples of references 


Car manufacturersKm, maintenance, usesOptimization of renewal cycles, workshop traffic...
RentersKm, maintenanceOptimization of vehicle renewal cycles and driving laws
InsurersEco-index score, KmRate adjustment based on driving profiles and mileage
RepairersKm, Maintenance deadlinesCreation of traffic in the workshop