the nerve center of the optimization process

Optimizing the cost and environmental impact of business mobility depends above all on controlling data flows : odometer reading, real fuel consumption, manufacturer's maintenance plans, driving laws, CO2 emissions...

All this data is essential information to start the process of optimizing the vehicle fleet.

Our exclusive Data Hub allows you to collect and centralize all this data, from various sources (vehicles, drivers, regulatory/administrative/technical databases, etc.).


Intelligent data processing

The raw data itself is rarely usable in its current state.
In order to make it intelligible and exploitable, our processing algorithms allow,
subsequently, to provide services, indicators, alerts or optimization advice.


Our algorithms allow us to process the data in order to make it intelligible. For example, the continuous analysis of the main indicators of driving style (braking, acceleration, turning) makes it possible to determine, for each driver, an "eco-index" score characterizing the driving profile. Armed with this information, the fleet manager can then initiate targeted risk prevention actions or actions to promote eco-driving.

Indicators and alerts

The analysis and processing of the various data provides the fleet manager with valuable indicators (TCO, PRK, global and individual C02 emissions, etc.) to optimize the overall cost of the fleet and its environmental impact. Beyond the indicators, the fleet manager is immediately alerted in case of anomalies (e.g.: maintenance alert, over-consumption alert, etc.).

Optimization tips

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the management platform delivers detailed optimization advice in real time: recommendations on vehicle maintenance, advice on driving habits or even the potential for vehicle electrification based on analysis of actual usage...


Make the data available,
where you need it!

APIs (Application Programming Interface) allow our management platform to be connected to other software to exchange data (odometer reading, maintenance deadlines, fuel consumption, etc.).

Optimum Corporation offers more than 50 different APIs to export (or import) data into (or from) your own information systems.